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Waterbox sources pure, premium water from Mt. Shasta California and Blue Springs Georgia. We package it in earth-conscious, 100% recyclable, mostly paper cartons that contain no BPAs, and no volatile organic compounds. We print them using natural inks that are kind to the environment, so WaterBox is as healthy for the earth as it is for your body. And we deliver it all at a price that's comparable to standard, premium bottled waters.

WaterBox is the appealing and affordable alternative to water in plastic bottles. When you choose WaterBox, you help slow the flow of plastic bottles into the environment. And by doing that, you start to reverse the destructive contamination that plastic bottles cause.

Premium Sourced Spring Water earth concious 100% recyclable

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The Solution

Offer the consumer a real, affordable alternative to plastic bottles on the retail shelf. In this way we decelerate the flow of plastic bottles and start to reverse this destructive contamination process.

Product Graph

Comparisons of different packages for the Retail market.

.KG CO2 per unit

PLA s a bio-plastic made from sugar or corn.

CARTONS COMPARED TO PET plastic and other water bottles with respect to global warming

CO2 emissions in comparison to pet

Product Emission Chart

Forest of trees


Our cartons are made, on average, from 90% wood fiber in the form of paperboard.

All the wood is sourced from sustainable or responsible forest standards.

The total chain of custody is transparent, from finished cartons all the way back to the forest.

Our cartons are certified according to the strict guidelines of the Forest Stewardship Council.

More than 97% of the waste produced as a result of our carton production process is recycled or used to recover energy.

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